ENATA Industries is born from the passion of applying high-tech engineering to sailing and flying. Based in Singapore, France, Switzerland with its factory in the United Arab Emirates, ENATA boasts a 75,000 sq.ft top-notch yard which hosts its three divisions: ENATA Marine, ENATA Aerospace and ENATA Architecture. Its facilities house an engineering office, five-axis robots, milling machines, and white rooms amongst other industry-specific features, and employs over 200 people.


The FOILER project began in Switzerland in 2010 within the company Hydros. In 2015, Hydros presented its HY-X, a small-scale prototype of the current FOILER and the Union Internationale Motonautique (International Powerboat Association - UIM) gave it's Environmental Award to the FOILER's prototype. In 2016, Hydros joined the ENATA group, and the production of the FOILER began.

FOILER prototype
Hydros C-Class Catamaran


- 2 World speed records (2008-2009)

- 3 Lac Geneva speed record (2011-2013)

Hydros C Class
- 1st boat 3 time faster than the wind & 2nd in little America’s Cup (2013)

GT Cat
- Leisure Catamaran cruising at twice the speed of the wind

Consulting for America’s Cup campaign
- 34th on Cavitation and appendage optimisation (2012-2013)
- 35th on dynamics simulation and performance prediction + cavitation and appendage optimization (2014-2017)