ECO Conscious

Using hydrofoils bring several advantages, and one of the big advantages is drastically lowering the impact that the FOILER has on the environment. It is not only more fuel-efficient, but it brings a whole new level of eco-consciousness.

Fuel Efficiency

Foiler Fuel Efficiency
Fuel consumption of the FOILER's from the Wingman System after 386,992 measurements

The FOILER starts to fly at 11 knots and fuel consumption decreases with more speed


The most fuel efficient speed is at 22 knots only using 2.0 l/nm


When foiling at 30 knots the FOILER has the same consumption as a regular boat at 8 knots


At 37 knots the consumption of the FOILER is the same as a regular boat at 11 knots

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency

When using its foils, the FOILER is fully lifted out of the water, eliminating the drag created by the friction of a traditional hull and the water, which makes the FOILER much more efficient. As an example, in archimedean (classic) mode, the FOILER can reach speeds of 28 knots (52 km/h). With the same amount of power, the FOILER exceeds speeds of 40 knots (74 km/h) on foils. As a result, the FOILER is 40 – 50% more fuel-efficient than a regular yacht.

Low wave impact

Low wave impact

On top of the reduced drag and increased fuel efficiency, the disturbance on the environment is also greatly reduced when foiling. The FOILER barely creates any wave when flying. This means, that apart from a slight spray, the FOILER doesn’t have a wake and doesn't disturb the natural environment, wildlife, protected area, or other boats around it.

Low noise pollution

Low noise pollution

The FOILER derives its power from two onboard engines, combined with hydraulic propulsion. Mounting the two engines onboard and having the propellors powered hydraulically, in addition to the hull not slamming into the water, means that the noise and vibrations are also greatly reduced. As a result, you can easily talk to other passengers without raising your voice, even at 40 knots. Not only does it make a pleasant experience for the passengers, but it is also more gentle on its surroundings as the FOILER whispers past.

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