Equipped to the highest standards, offering luxurious features to meet the requirements of the most influential and demanding patrons, FOILER is available in different layouts so that you can build a flying yacht to suit your needs. Whether you're after family fun, a little (or a lot) of thrill-seeking, or that James Bond appeal, FOILER is a modular platform offering multiple layout options. All layouts include storage facilities, retractable tables, a restroom below the deck and a fridge for added convenience. Choose from the Venturi, Royale, or Azure for a personalised platform on which to explore the future of luxury water transport.

Venturi Layout Venturi Layout

The Venturi layout is for the adventure seekers, sun worshippers and purveyors of fun, who want to pend their days on the water in ultimate comfort with two solarium areas for ultimate lounging. With a large open layout and a large retractable table in the back, this platform is the ideal leisure craft on which to explore your favourite bay.

GT Layout
Royale Layout
Royale Layout Royale Layout

The Royale layout is for the demanding patron who wants to be flown around in style. The two front seats with the panoramic window ensure you never miss the view. Three benches with retractable tables offer added comfort during your voyage and storage for your luggage provides convenient ease of movement on your travels.

Azure Layout Azure Layout

The Azure layout provides generous luxury deck space with a front cabin and a haven of relaxation at the back with extra seating and an enclosed rear. Two solarium areas, plenty of storage and a large retractable table offer a cool and comfortable cruise, making this platform perfect for enjoying leisurely days and nights of family fun on the water.

Azure Layout
Custom Layout


Custom Layout

The FOILER is designed as a modular platform. This design allows for greater flexibility of the layout and the location of the steering wheel, seating, storage and specialised equipment.

By choosing the custom design you can implement your own ideas.

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