Questions & Answers

How does it fly?

The Foils (red on the pictures) are like the wings on a plane but under water.
As the water is 840 times denser than the air, the foils can be much smaller than the wings of an aeroplane and still lift the boat.
As the boat speed increases, the foils start to lift the FOILER, like an aeroplane on a runway.
At 18 knots, the lift created by the foils entirely lifts the FOILER, and the hull flies at 1.5m above the water.

If I order a FOILER now, when will it be delivered?

The lead time between a confirmed order and delivery is 5 months.

How many people can it carry?

The FOILER can carry one metric ton and certified for eight passengers.

What size of waves can the FOILER sail through?

The FOILER can handle waves up to 1.5m in foiling mode, while still providing complete comfort. Waves of 1.5m represent conditions of 30 to 35 knots of wind.
In more extreme conditions, you can retract the foils and use it as a classic boat.
You will see a video on the technology page showing the FOILER sailing in approximately 1.2m waves.

What is the maximum speed?

The FOILER can reach up to 40kts (74 km/h) in flight mode.
This speed is both the maximum speed and also a very comfortable cruising speed.

What is the takeoff speed?

The hull is entirely out of the water at 18 kts, but you start to feel the effects of the foils from 12 kts as it begins to lift out the water.

Is it easy to drive?

The FOILER is very easy to drive. In fact, it’s easier to handle than a regular yacht as there is no lag between the steering wheel and the FOILER turning.
The handling is very similar to a comfortable sports car.

How do you deploy the foils?

Simply press the FLY MODE button. The foils and rudders are deployed very effortlessly by a hydraulic ram.
If you want to revert to the classic configuration, press the FLOAT MODE button.

Is it stable?

The FOILER is unbelievably stable. The foils have been designed to provide auto-stability. It ensures a very comfortable ride, by removing the movement generated by the waves’ impact on the hull.
You’ll get used to it very quickly. The real shock is when you go back to a regular boat, which will feel like going back in time.

How does it behave in turns?

Like a supercar. The foils and rudders provide a fantastic grip in the water, which enables you to turn like no other boat.
The FOILER doesn't drift out of the turn.
We have even limited the turning radius for safety.

How does the propulsion system drive the FOILER?

The FOILER uses a 740 hp hydrostatic propulsion system.
The onboard engines power the FOILER’s torpedoes allowing it to effortlessly reach 40 knots. With it’s revolutionary foil and torpedo design, the FOILER is 40% more efficient than a regular boat.

How is it built?

The FOILER is manufactured entirely from carbon fibre with high-grade stainless steel, aluminium and titanium mechanical parts.
The foils and rudders are also manufactured from carbon fibre in an autoclave, to ensure high rigidity and robustness.

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